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What kinds of yarn do you stock?

Currently we stock only protein fibers sourced within the USA.
A variety of weights and fiber content are offered among different colorways. Be sure to closely evaluate the product description to decide which yarns are best for you.

Will my yarn look exactly like the photos?

Sometimes. The best thing about hand dyed yarn is that every skein is unique! The exact same dye applications are used for all of our skeins within a specific colorway and we do our best to keep color consistent. However, there are many factors that can affect the final skein and you may see slight variation on your skein.

I want a colorway on a different base yarn. Can you do that?

YES! All of the yarns listed under "Yarn" are our colorway library. Browse colors there and once you choose your favorites, select the base yarn you'd like it dyed on from the dropdown menu and the quantity of skeins you'd like. We'll dye it up for you in no more than 2 weeks.

The colorway I wanted sold out. What now?

Most of our colorways will remain in the library indefinitely. However, periodically we bring in limited edition colorways or phase out those less popular. Grab what you love while you see it!

What are Oopsies?

So glad you asked! Sometimes when we are experimenting with a new colorway (or dyeing up an old one) somebody slips and spills the olive green in a tub of Blackberry Jam or some other inexplicable accident befalls our yarn. And because this yarn is still completely useable and we hate to see good yarn go to waste, we list them in our shop as "Oopsies" at a lower cost than our regular yarns.

Can I still knit and crochet with Oopsies?

Certainly! The only mishap with oopsies are the colors. Usually they're still beautiful, just not the colorway we were aiming for. You score perfectly good yarn at a cheaper price and we save the landfill. Yay!

I don't live in the USA. Can I still buy your yarn?

Yes! We ship worldwide to over 240 countries, there are just additional shipping fees to get your yarn safely to you. Be aware you may incur additional customs fees depending on your own country's customs policies.

I bought some yarn, how long before it ships?

Dyed to Order yarns (those listed under Yarn, Speckled, or Semi Solid) wherein you choose your colorway and base yarn are dyed in 1-2 weeks. Depending on the shipping method you choose, the yarn will then arrive to you 1-4 business days thereafter.

RTS (Ready to Ship) yarns are already dyed and hanked as you see in the photos. So we will do our best to get your order out in a timely fashion. You'll receive an email with tracking info once your package is on the way. Currently our pack and ship time for RTS yarns is 1-3 business days.

How do I prepare your yarn to knit or crochet with?

Our yarns are wound into hanks so you'll need to wind them into balls or cakes to work with. I've linked a couple of easy youtube videos below to help you!

Returns & Exchanges

Handmade Home Fibers does not accept returns or exchanges.

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